Karasaki Shrine

Karasaki Shrine

Karasaki Shrine is a Shinto shrine located at Shiga prefecture in Kinki district. The shrine is dedicated to Wakesukihime no Mikoto ( the goddess of healing of female disorders ).

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Basic Information

Name Karasaki Shrine
"唐崎神社" in Kanji (Chinese characters)
Address 1-7-1, Karasaki, Otsu-shi, Shiga, Japan
"滋賀県大津市唐崎1-7-1" in Kanji (Chinese characters)
Access 20-minute drive from the Kyoto-Higashi I.C. on the Meishin Expressway.
Admission Fee Free in the precincts
Telephone -


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Other Topics


In Shinto, shintai (神体 body of the kami), or go-shintai (御神体 sacred body of the kami) when the honorific prefix go- is used, are physical objects worshipped at or near Shinto shrines as repositories in which spirits or kami reside. Shintai used in Shrine Shinto (Jinja Shinto) can be also called mitamashiro (御霊代 spirit replacement or substitute).

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