Kokuou Shrine

Kokuou Shrine

Kokuou Shrine is a Shinto shrine located at Ibaraki prefecture in Kanto district. The shrine is dedicated to TAIRA no Masakado ( a famous Samurai worriers who had conquered eight provinces in Kanto ).

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Basic Information

Name Kokuou Shrine
"國王神社" in Kanji (Chinese characters)
Address 951, Iwai, Bando-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
"茨城県坂東市岩井951" in Kanji (Chinese characters)
Access 5-minute drive from the Bando I.C. on the Ken-O Expressway.
Admission Fee Free in the precincts
Telephone 0297-35-2395


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Other Topics


Kojiki (古事記, "Records of Ancient Matters" or "An Account of Ancient Matters"), also known as Furukotofumi, is the oldest extant chronicle in Japan, dating from the early 8th century (711-712) and composed by O no Yasumaro at the request of Empress Genmei. The Kojiki is a collection of myths concerning the origin of the four home islands of Japan, and the Kami. Along with the Nihon Shoki, the myths contained in the Kojiki are part of the inspiration behind many practices. Later, the myths were re-appropriated for Shinto practices including the misogi purification ritual.

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